Graphic Design Apprenticeship

This course is for anyone who is interested in becoming a graphic designer, and especially geared towards total beginners. I'll show you how to make some of the most popular projects in the industry, like:

• custom logos

• business cards

• brochures

• web graphics


We will be using Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator; the industry-standard applications for graphic design. I'll also review relevant terms and design practices to help you create pixel-perfect projects for print and web, with the goal to get you up and running as soon as possible so you can start your new and exciting career as a graphic designer.

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Culinary Art Certification

Course id: 20482

Online and/or Actual Commercial Restaurant Training Available

Our culinary experience keeps us on the fresh with culinary ideas of all things food that evolve our menus with the seasons and current cooking trends. Select from our wide array of exciting classes covering subjects such as ethnic cuisines, basic techniques of cooking, baking, vegetarian, and cocktail and dinner parties, whatever you choose, we'll make sure you have a blast.his item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Tattoo Technician

Course id: 20482

Course Length: 3 Month/ 2 Days per Week

We are the ultimate source if you are interested to learn to become a body artist, in-depth tattooing classes, body piercing, or even tattooing apprenticeships are available. Our program is cutting edge, and is unlike any other in the nation. When you come to us, you will learn how to be a body artist using approved practices that will prepare you to be licensed and certified upon course completion. Housing is available for all students as well as flexible financing.option more about this item. To make this item your own, click here > Add & Manage Items.

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West Tennessee A&M is an adult career training affiliate, offers majors created through strong partnerships with leading workforce development agency. Several of these majors include internships with area companies, enabling our students to gain practical on-the-job experience plus valuable professional contacts and references.

Online Classes Available
Online Classes Available
Campus Classroom Available
Campus Classroom Available
Campus Classroom Available
Online Classes Available
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