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Kier C. Thomas
President & Founder's Grandson

Continuing the Legacy

Kier C. Thomas has over two decades of direct experience working with both adults and adolescents. His career began as an Education and Community Service Officer with the Jackson Police Department in Jackson, MS, and continued with his role as a Probation Counselor at the Shelby County Juvenile Court in Memphis, TN. He further honed his skills as an Assistant Program Director at the Stax/Music Academy/Soulsville U.S.A.

Thomas’s professional journey reached a pinnacle when he became a Regional Site Manager for the National Football League (NFL) in New York, New York, where he collaborated with professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, and MLB to establish nonprofit organizations. In 2010, he founded his own community organization focused on training military veterans, garnering support from significant partners like the Walmart Family Foundation, Microsoft, Applebee’s Corporation, and Hilton Hotel Corporation.

In addition to his practical experience, Thomas has a solid academic background with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and a Master’s degree from Jackson State University. He also earned a PhD in Public Policy Study from Villanova University. Significantly, Kier C. Thomas is the proud grandson of Jefferson H. Taylor Sr., the founder of Western Tennessee A&M, carrying forward his grandfather’s legacy of educational innovation and community service.

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