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Founder Jefferson H. Taylor

Our History

In 1918, West Tennessee A & M created by Jefferson H. Taylor and became a coeducational workforce development institution, located in the South Memphis neighborhood of Memphis, Tennessee. West Tennessee A & M offers a comprehensive range of academic training (hands on workshop style) related workforce development.  Today, we continue the spirit of innovation and inquiry and curiosity and forward-thinking. His grandson Kier C. Thomas continued the legacy by teaching how technology integrates people, process, data and devices to solve modern business problems. We show a sharp, clear picture of the modern landscape so students can see how to advance in it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the well being of  socially disadvantaged communities by grouping strengths, mobilizing assets and coordinating community resources on their behalf.

Technology is at our core and embedded in our programs – because it’s at the core of business, healthcare and tech, everywhere. Our students dig deeper into understanding technology’s role in all things…so they can be ready for whatever comes next. Innovative Solutions Worldwide uses a team of highly experienced and certified professionals to provide project creating & management  services to better inner-city and underserved communities. development services. Our goal is to give you a competitive advantage through improved project planning and control techniques. Our flexible combination of project management services is tailored to meet the individual needs of your organization

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